Seasonal Rituals // unleashing our inner hedge witch…

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There is something about Autumn that makes me want to gather.  I don’t necessarily mean bringing in the harvest, but instead I love to fill my pockets with handfuls of sweet chestnuts, ripe apples scrumped from a field, cob nuts and of course sloes from our hedgerows.  These of course fill me with a great sense of satisfaction, that I have in some way provided for my family in the upcoming winter months.  In reality, these barely make it into a concoction, pie or stew and languish in the fridge for weeks – I have Aldi for all my weekly food needs!

But, thinking about why I love to hoard, squirrel away natures bounty, has made me realise that perhaps this time of year unleashes my inner Hedge Witch.  Looking at nature to provide, heal and calm ones family.

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Simple Style // Fedora crush…

I’ve not been one for wearing a hat.  The odd pom pom hat when the weather is freezing, and that’s about it. Until now.  I recently bought this hat from Zara. Two tone, felt, with a floppy brim.  Converted, kinda.  I think in the right situation, and in the right outfit it will look great

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Review // Exploring The Lakes in an Audi Q7…

Last weekend, we took a trip to The Lake District, a place where I have visited as a child.  For the rest of my family the Lakes and it’s mountains were a new and fabulous experience. Its a wonderful thing when you experience something new.  Something that feels so natural and intuitive that you wonder how on

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Travel // St Pauli, Hamburg and The Reeperbahn Festival

In late September, when the kids were just back at school, I spent a long weekend in Hamburg.  The trip coincided with the city’s Reeperbahn music festival, where industry players meet for conferences and up and coming bands play at various venues.  I’ve not visited Germany since I was a teenager, and I don’t remember

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Simple Living // Dream home inspiration…

There are home tours, and then there are HOME TOURS.  You know the ones that make your heart leap, and fill you with inspiration with every corner.  This house, this home is all of this, to me.  The talented interiors duo Tara Mangini and Percy Bright of Jersey Ice Cream Co, who provide a full-service design of a

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Seasonal Rituals // A Natural Autumn few favourites…

It’s been a month since Laura and I launched our new autumnal hashtag – #anatural_autumn. We have seen mid September and beautiful blue skies give way to misty mornings, and the first frosts.  Oh Autumn, you are the darling of the seasons! The hashtag, over on Instagram, has changed and developed as we have moved

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