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Recipe – Strawberry Ice Pops…


Littlegreenshed Strawberry Ice Pops This week the temperature is set to soar!  Reaching 30 degrees in some parts of the South of England.  It’s feeling hot, hot, hot out there!

Rufus has his sports day on Friday – why? Just madness in this heat. He is one of those boys who will go at every event hell for leather, never mind it’s roasting hot.  He will be an over heated, sweaty mess by the end of it.

So, to cool the boys and tempers down, I thought I would make a batch of Strawberry Ice pops using the strawberries we picked from our weekend adventure to the pyo farm.  To make these isn’t rocket science, and I am sure you’ve all made them before.. but I quite fancied sharing the recipe on here. So here goes…

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Styling with Orchids…


2015-06-25 11.50.42 Orchids, tropical and mysterious but notoriously difficult to look after…  When do I water them? With bottled water? Where shall I put it?  Does it like direct light – and so on.  But despite all of that worry, the simple exotic beauty of an orchid does give an air of wonder to a room.  I particularly love the white ones.

I was challenged to style different species of orchids by Orchid Info (a website dedicated to answering all those questions on Orchid care).  Looking through the website I was amazed by the many species and varieties of Orchids, from the most common type the Phalaenopsis to the more unusual South African Zygopetalum orchid.  And don’t get me started on the colours! Whites, to fuchsia pink to chartreuse green… read more

Nature in the home

week 25 // Nature in the Home – a weekly pick…


Nature in the Home - a weekly pick week 25

A beautiful calming scene by @Harryandfrank

Half way through the year, and flowers are predominately filling the nature in the home feed. I’m certainly not complaining as I adore blooms, we all know that. Roses, Peonies and sweet peas… this really is the best time of year.

As soon as I saw this image I sighed. The minimal colours are really doing it for me at the moment, a calmness. White roses, simple ceramics and rustic wood, what’s not to love!  I wish this was mine… it is absolutely stunning!

I’ve been taking stock recently on my vision for my blog, my instagram and my home… the turn of the mid year solistice always has this effect on me.  I am grounding myself with walks in the fields, picking elderflower blooms to make more cordial.  Looking at colours and light.  Thinking on projects and exciting ventures.  And having long conversations with inspiring friends about collaborations.  Life is wonderful and thrilling…

Here’s to a dream led summer, filled with exploration, sunshine, laughter and creativity… are you with me?



Midsummer flower crowns…


Littlegreenshed midsummer flower crowns This weekend we spent up on the Mendip hills, arriving at supper time, we cooked a BBQ over a fire.  While Dan and the boys set up camp I made a flower crown for myself, seeing as I didn’t have girls and thinking (quite wrongly) that my sons wouldn’t be interested in such things.

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The Hoxton Hotel, Shoreditch, London – a review…


Littlegreenshed blog - The Hoxton Hotel, Shoreditch, London a review

A few weeks ago, I sped up to London to stay overnight at the Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch.  The following day I was due to attend Blogtacular, a blogging conference, so an overnight stay in London was needed.

Arriving at the hotel I was immediately thrown into the beautiful world of pair backed designer living.  A large open foyer with bare bricked walls, large fireplaces and even larger chandeliers, giving the space a feeling of lux grandeur.  On the walls hung original art work and in the bars and restaurant were many comfortable spaces to rest and drink a cocktail or two.

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Elderflower cordial…


Elderflower cordial - littlegreenshed blog

June, the hedgerows are in bloom.  White fluffy flowers adorn the bushes, and the air is thick with pollen.  I suffer with hay fever at this time of year, it is those pretty Elderflower blooms polluting the air.  I try to just muddle on, sneezing, and dealing with it without drugging myself with anti-histamines, so far so good.  But some days are worse than others.

I read somewhere that by making and drinking Elderflower Cordial at this time of year, it helps reduce the effects of hay fever.  So keen to give this a try, this weekend I made some delicious leafy flavoured cordial. read more

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The 5 o’clock apron…


littlegreenshed blog - 5 oclock apron 2

A few weeks ago, I was invited to lunch by Claire Thomson, after ‘chatting’ a little on Instagram, we realised we had a friend in common, Cathy of Bristol Parenting Cafe blog.

Claire, has cooked all her life in one form or another and now a mother of three, she is on a mission to ‘inspire and invigorate the concept of family cookery’.  Her recipe book ‘The 5 O’Clock Apron’ is set to do just that.  I must admit, I do love cooking but only when the pressure is off.  Concocting dishes out of days old veg and lentils is probably what I am best at.  But for my kids, well, I tend to do the same old routine, Spag bol, fish fingers and chips, pizza and jacket potato with tuna mayo. BORING!

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Nature in the home

week 24 // Nature in the home – weekly pick…


littlegreenshed blog nature in the home

Water coloured roses by @georgiestclair

I fall in love with each and every rose.  I must look loopy walking around my neighbourhood, stopping to snoop into front gardens, taking photos and smelling the roses.  I can’t help it.  June does it for me every year.

This weeks favourite image is this beautiful pale pink rose by Georgiestclair – the rose looks rather like one I have in my own garden, a climber called ‘New Dawn’.  My mum gave it to me as a gift just after my first son was born.  New Dawn, a new stage in my life – motherhood.

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01 // Floral arrangement – June…


Littlegreenshed Blog - Floral arrangement for June

A brand new series for the blog,  I thought it would be nice to share a guide to floral arrangements using cuttings from my own small garden or that I have foraged from hedgerows.

My garden in June is probably it’s best.  Tall spikes of self seeded Foxgloves in shades of pinks and white dominate the front garden, waving in the breeze and brightening up our urban street.  Next to them I have planted pale pink cosmos, which are just coming into flower, and with any luck should bloom until Autumn.  In the back garden I have roses, geraniums, pinky red valerian, purple clematis and highly scented honeysuckle.  Plus masses of foliage from other plants.

So here is how I made this arrangement:

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