Meet the Shop – Wanderlust Wares…


Wanderlust Wares I am a firm believer that homes and how they are decorated and styled, should be a reflection of who you are. Your loves, your passions, your family history.  So when I discovered the shop Wanderlust Wares I knew I had to share.  Wanderlust Wares sells a variety of beautiful home wares, with it’s roots definitely in a Bohemian Modern style.  Pouffs from Morocco, rugs from the Middle East and jewellery from Africa.

As a girl who has travelled a lot, I love the idea of filling the home with treasures from around the world.  I caught up recently with Wendy Houghton, owner and founder of Wanderlust Wares to find out more…

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Book / Magazine Review - Discover

Lodestars Anthology…


magazine review, lodestars issue 2, littlegreenshed

Lodestars Anthology is the newish kid on the block in lifestyle / travel / adventure magazines.  It has recently published Issue two, a stunning collection dedicated to Scotland.  As someone who has never been further North than Leeds, reading this was like discovering something new.

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Nature in the home

Nature in the Home – a weekly pick…


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Spring time bounty from @Poppybarach


Nature in the home is becoming huge!  Thanks to you all!  I cannot believe we have nearly 8,000 entries over on Instagram, it is truly a wonderful thing!  With more and more new people joining me each week.

One new person is Poppybarach, who lives in the USA.  Her instagram feeds is full of natures beauties, a girl after my own heart.   As soon as I saw this darling watering can filled to the brim of fresh spring pickings I fell in love.  FERNS!  Oh how I love you!

As we move further into Spring and the hedgerows and gardens fill with blooms I cannot wait to see what you all style and photograph.  Lilacs, cow parsley, clematis…. oh this really is a wonderful time of year!

Thanks for joining me as always… my #natureinthehome8 is over on IG for you to see!

See you next week for more Nature in the Home!

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Boutique holidays in rural France…


littlegreenshed french holidays in France

I am dreaming of holidays, I suppose the warmer weather tends to do that.  France is on my wish list this Summer, to take the boys across on the Ferry, to immerse them into rural French life. Perhaps to practice a little French whilst we are there.

I’ve been looking on-line at properties and came across French Loaf and fell in love.  A handful of beautiful boutique French homes, all decorated to a high standard and most with that all important pool.

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Nature in the home

Burro’s Tail or Sedum morganianum – House Plant for April


I have fallen deeply for this little plant.  It’s long, pale green, dread like stems, are calling to me. This beauty is a Sedum morganianum or Burro’s Tail.

The Burro’s tail is a heat and drought tolerant plant well suited for a sunny patio or in a bed in full sun.  It also makes for a brilliant house plant, with very little needs.

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Nature in the home

Nature in the Home – a weekly pick…


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Brilliant bud vase tutorial by @annabode

As soon as I saw this single leaf I swooned.  How perfect is it?  Clicking through to Anna’s website, I discovered it was in fact a brilliant tutorial, where she shows step by step how to make a bud vase.

I shall definitely be trying to make one… it is oh so brilliant.  Anna’s blog is new to me, I only found it as she used the #natureinthehome tag on this image.  I am so pleased she did, as her blog is full of awesome and clever DIY’s and tips.  New favourite place!

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At the chapel in Bruton…


chapel 6

I couldn’t visit Bruton, without a trip to At The Chapel.  My first trip there!  It seems that everyone has been here apart from me. What!!! the horror!

After our walk around the nearby art gallery Hauser & Wirth, we had worked up quite an appetite. The Chapel it was, for pizza and cakes.

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Hauser & Wirth – Somerset…


Hauser & Wirth - Bruton, Somerset

Well, yesterday turned out to be beautiful!  What a sunny, glorious day – felt like high summer, let alone Easter Monday.

I’ve been wanting to visit Hauser & Wirth in Somerset for some time now, but have saved it for a sunny day as I wanted to enjoy the garden too.  I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this place, and couldn’t wait to get down there.

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Easter gifts wrapped…


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For Easter we always get the boys something to help them develop, rather than a huge sugar rush and headache, we tend to give something that will last.  Reading books.

I visited Foyles in Bristol last week for inspiration.  I love Foyles the staff are always have so helpful and knowledgeable, and the range of Kids books in there is vast.  Charlie is dyslexic, and has always struggled with reading, he would rather not read than try and fail.  Until recently.  To see our son actually wanting to pick a up and book and to enjoy it!!!  The feeling is incredible – we are so proud.

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