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Image of my lounge by Laura Pashby

As a child, I grew up in an old cottage in a sleepy village in Somerset, surrounded by fields. Our house had out buildings and acres of land.  It was a pretty perfect place to live as an eight year old, our rural life, was shared with a menagerie of animals.  Three cats, one dog, several rabbits, horses in the field behind and sheep in the garden (when they escaped, quite regularly from a neighbouring field).

Moving on to now, I live in a small Victorian terrace in Bristol.  A world away from that country life back then.  We don’t own a single pet, although there is much talk of getting a cat, one day!

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Rhubarb Cordial…

Rhubarb cordial - Littlegreenshed Blog

A few weeks ago I visited the very lovely Polly of Bayntun Flowers who gave us armfuls of fresh rhubarb to come home with.  I know, flowers would have been nice, but actually rhubarb was just as good and delicious too!

The next day I made rhubarb cordial from Claire Thomson’s book – the 5 o’clock apron.  A super easy recipe and resulting in a delicate pink and delicious drink.  All four bottles have since been guzzled (mainly by me, and I added gin to mine!), that I thought you might like to make some too – here is the recipe:

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British Red Cross – the app that can help you save lives…


British red cross app - littlegreenshed blog

As a parent, I have seen my fair share of cuts, bumps and scrapes on my children.  Two wild boys, who love to ride bikes – fast.  Skid down slopes, climb rocks at the seaside and trees in the woods.

I don’t want to be one of those Mums who say ‘be careful’ every five minutes – but my goodness – please be careful!  Luckily, touch wood, we haven’t had too many major injuries. No broken bones, no over night stays in hospital.  But we have had the usual trips to A&E for falling down the stairs and for high temperatures.

When Rufus fell down the stairs he was three.  Right from the top, he bumped and bounced all the way down.  Immediately went floppy and threw up.  Concussion. In a panic, I ran around. Dan jumped in the car and took him to A&E, where we waited for three hours to be seen.  In this time Ru perked up.  He had a check over and was fine.  Thank goodness.  But it could have been so much worse. read more


Back yard dreaming…


Hotel Brummel - Back yard dreaming - littlegreenshed blog

I fell in love this stunning courtyard whilst in Barcelona.  It’s the restaurant area of our hotel, Hotel Brummel.  The white wire chairs and marble table tops.  The rough bricked floor, large black planters with huge banana plants and that concrete wall – all of it, designed in perfect harmony.

Since returning home my own urban back yard felt cramped, messy and in need of an uber cool makeover.  Can I pull this look off in Bristol?  Hmmm, I dunno, but it’s worth a shot.  I know I don’t have Barcelona temperatures, and outside it is currently tipping down with rain, but I can take elements of this look and use them. read more


My current favourite pin board…


Summer style - Littlegreenshed blog

Summer, summer, SUMMER!  Where are you?  Stupidly rainy today.  I’m sat here in jeans, breton, cashmere cardigan, big ole scarf and slippers – humpf.  It feels like October.

But anyhow I digress… my current favourite pin board that I am pinning to is my ‘Summer Holiday – Style’ board.  Filled with pretty frocks, lace blouses, wide flared jeans, boho, minimal, folkish and cool.

I am trying to convince myself that A. Summer will return and B. I have all of these clothes in my wardrobe.  It’s never gonna happen.

Tell me, what’s your favourite pin board at the moment?  What are you pinning?

Check the board here:

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Meet the Shop – Pavilion Broadway…

pavilion broadway - littlegreenshed blog 9

Recently I took a trip up the Motorway to visit the Cotswolds, to the beautiful honey coloured village of Broadway. A real gem of a place with stunning Bath stone cottages which surround the High Street full of independent shops and eateries.  A perfect place to spend the day.  While the boys & Dan were eating ice-cream and playing in the local park, I wandered the many boutique shops and discovered Pavilion Broadway.  Three shops straddling either side of the street, each with a different feel, selling interior decor and homewares with a lux twist. read more

Nature in the home

Week 28 // Nature in the Home – a weekly pick…


week 28 nature in the home littlegreenshed blog

An enviable collection by @vanillalemoncake

This!  This one picture really sums up why is started #natureinthehome.  This and of course plants and flowers!  All aspects of nature. Little pretty collections of nature, feathers, shells, pebbles, little pieces of nature, all kept and loved and carefully curated.  No I am not suggesting you collect birds eggs, but if you find a small broken hatched shell, well what treasure!!!

This amazing collection is by Vanillalemoncake – and I am quite envious!  I must gather my little treasures together and take a few snaps.

Over on Instagram you will find this weeks favourite collection.  Such a varied and colourful selection this week.  Thank you to everyone who joins me week after week.  Long may it continue, Nature in the Home is now in it’s FOURTH year!  Amazing.


Thailand – an adventure…


thailand hotel - littlegreenshed blog 2

Back in the late 90’s I spent a few months travelling around South East Asia, yes it is the usual route to take for any backpacker.  Thailand, Indonesia (or Vietnam) and then onto Australia.  Thailand seemed like a world away from life living in Bristol.  Hot, humid, a senses overload of sounds and smells. Bangkok was both exciting and terrifying for a young girl, I had visions of hanging out with the ‘wrong crowd’ (listening to my Dad too much!).

But, even with my father’s words ringing in my ears, I did love it.  Bangkok, fast paced, crazy cool.  I meet many backpackers there from all corners of the world and on various stages of their travelling journey.  All with stories of places they had visited, suggestions on where to go, who to look up when we got there.  Ah yes, travelling with no definite plans, it was epic.

Leaving Bangkok behind I searched for paradise.  An island, with a white sandy beach and a spot under a palm tree with my name on it.  I found it on Koh Phangan. A small island with a big reputation for full moon parties.

I settled for a small, family run, beach side resort on the south of the island, away from the main tourist stretch.  Renting a tiny beach shack made of wood and bamboo, with the roof covered in palm tree leaves.  It was idyllic.  Every palm tree that lined the beach had the word PALM painted on.  Just in case we would forget what they were – but it turned out to be the owners son’s name – who had practised writing it in English!

So for the next week, I swam, sun bathed, ate thai green curry, explored the rainforest on moped and partied hard!  Ah life as a backpacker.

I’d love to return to Thailand, to see it now twenty years on.  I do hope that lovely beach shack is still there, but sadly I think not.  Yes, I’d love to get out my old backpack (I still have it) and go on a tour around the many islands and rainforests of Thailand.  What an adventure that would be!  You coming?

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Bayntun Flowers – English grown blooms…

bayntun flowers - littlegreenshed blog 7

A few weeks ago I was invited to spend a morning at the home of Polly Nicholson of Bayntun Flowers.  I had met Polly a few months earlier at Silvana’s lovely shop, The Foodie Bugle in Bath, after she gave a hand tied bouquet demonstration.  Polly shared with us her love of homegrown British flowers, and showed us how to tie a bouquet using a variety of ‘ingredients’ – hedgerow leaves, grasses and herbs to give the flowers structure and texture.  I was hooked!

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Want to show off? Grab a piece of Littlegreenshed…


Barcelona, Hotel Brummel, Littlegreenshed Blog

I love writing Littlegreenshed, it’s my third baby! Giving birth to it in 2010 and nurturing, growing and loving it like one of my boys (although LGS is firmly a girl!) – anyway, you get the picture.  This blog is my heart, my creative expression, my voice and also in recent years my profession.

Last year I became freelance, writing about Lifestyle, Travel and Interiors, giving up my little part-time job to focus fully on this blog.  Since doing so it has led me on a wonderful journey, working with some incredible publications, brands and people.  This past year has been a whirlwind of fantastic, and I am looking forward to the future.

I often get approached by small independent shops and craftspeople to see if I can help in providing a little PR and Marketing on here. This can involve product placement on Instagram, a blog feature / interview or via Pinterest.  But not everyone is happy with those ideas and would prefer just a simple advert on the side of the blog.

A couple of years ago I did offer this, but I couldn’t find the time to monitor it (with Rufus still at home and I was working part-time) – so sadly, back then, I took the decision to remove side bar ads.

Until now.  Now is a GREAT time for me, and hopefully for you too!  With an average of 35,000+ pageviews a month Littlegreenshed is brilliant way of getting seen.  So if you are interested then please do head over to the sponsor page to find out more.  (apologies the pricing is in US$, as the platform I use to deal with the ads is based in the US).

Just click on the banner size you would like, and follow the steps.  Payment is via Paypal and is for 30 days.  Ad’s will show up in the sidebar over there <<< under SPONSORS – so you will get pride of place on the blog!

So what are you waiting for?  I can’t wait to have you on board!