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Book Review – Modern Pastoral by Niki Brantmark…



I adore a cabin.  Rustic, made from wood, filled with beautiful furniture and in touch with nature.  I long to own one, Dan and I constantly talk about and dream about the future and having a cabin space of our own.

So when I was invited to review the Modern Pastoral book by Niki Brantmark I jumped at it.  It is filled with the most beautiful spaces that had me at hello.  If you don’t know of Niki she write the award winning interiors blog – My Scandinavian Home.

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Simple Loving! – lovers playlist and View Quest radio…


bed coffee view quest dab radio valentines

What is the soundtrack to your life, more importantly what songs remind you of your loved one?  Everyone is different, some love a bit of Take That (never!) or others love the Chemical Brothers as it reminds them of a carefree time at festival kissing under the stars (ahem!).

There are so many songs that mean so much to Dan and I, he liking completely different tracks to me.  How is it that I can totally love this man, but CANNOT stand his taste in music!!  Go figure?  I am sure he feels exactly the same about what I listen to.

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Simple Loving! – Valentines Day edit…


Copy of 1 Are you into Valentines?  I’m not.  I don’t actually see the point of declaring my love to my mister in an overly sentimental and highly over priced way.  I don’t need a day a year to kick me up the ass and say – ‘oh hey babe, I love you!’.  I’m lucky enough to know I can and he can say it every. single. day.

But, saying that, I do get Valentines day.  For the romantics in us all who wish to declare their undying love, that huge crush you may have on a co-worker or perhaps you just want to treat yourself – then please do it, you deserve it.

Anyway – rambling  a lot! I’ve pulled together a bit of LURVE edit, for those of you who fancy gifting to your loved one, your bestie or yourself this valentine.

So I am thinking all loved up ladies need the following….

And Dan, just ignore the first sentence I really want that bra! ;)

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Photography – hints and tips…


coffee white cups - littlegreenshed blog

Before I met Dan I had very little interest in photography.  Whilst travelling I took a film camera (back then there was no such thing as digital – OLD!), so the process of taking photos and sending them off to be developed wasn’t a novelty, more of an annoyance.  Lots of drunken photographs and things taken with bad angles and out of focus.

At school, Dan studied photography A level, travelled to New York to shoot Time Square and Central Park. He introduced me to his pride and joy an old, film, Canon AE-1 program camera,  That was it, the photography bug bit, hard.

Now, I am a photography geek.  I see everything through a lens, and feel incredibly jittery if I don’t have my camera or phone with me at all times.   Phoneography (yes it is a word) is a new phenomenon.  As phones have developed, the camera on the phone has become increasingly more advanced.  Personally, I know that if I can’t get the shot with my Nikon D3200, I can rely on my Samsung S6 to take a great shot instead, dare I say it, it’s sometimes much better!

There is a saying ‘the best camera for the job is the one you have on you’  and this is true. Don’t get too hung up on whether a shot was taken with a DSLR or just your old phone – just take the shot!

For example, the image above was taken at The Pig near Bath.  Dan and I sat in the window of the lounge after eating a great meal, when the coffee arrived.  Instantly the photograph was laid out in front of me.  As the lounge at The Pig was packed with other people relaxing by the fire I felt uncomfortable clicking away with my DSLR, so instead I took this with my Samsung phone.

The composition, the light, tone and colours have all come together to make this image one of my most recent favourites.

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Nature in the Home // Heather Young’s home…


black wall interior decor vintage

As promised a few weeks ago, I wanted to start a new series of house tours in connection with my link up #natureinthehome.  I thought it would be a lovely idea to show some of my favourite Instagrammers who regularly contribute to #natureinthehome already, but share in more detail how they style these pieces in their homes.

First up in this new series is my dear friend Heather Young.  Heather is a brilliant interiors stylist, and her tutorials, ideas and styling tips are always so fresh and innovative.  She is the reason I painted my dining room in charcoal grey!

I hope you love Heather’s style as much as I do…

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