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Winter essentials guide (1)

Winter, frosts, Arctic winds, chapped lips and all.  Despite the grey and the cold, I do love winter. My chance to wrap up in cosy knits, wool scarves and thick tights.  In the above image, I am wearing my trusty mohair coat, vintage darling!  Found in a charity shop a few years ago.  It’s thick and warm, and it’s neutral colour goes with everything!  £10! I know!  I love it, especially on long winter walks.

I’m not a fashionista by any stretch, I just wear what I like, and generally try not to look like I’ve just woken up (when really I have!).  I love clothes that are comfortable, a mix of high street and vintage, and clothes which express who I am, and hope I don’t look too frumpy at the same time!.

So I thought I would give a little guide to some of my favourite high street winter wardrobe essentials.  A good warm coat, thick merino jumper, skinny jeans, blanket scarf, leather tote and of course a decent hand cream.

What are your winter wardrobe essentials?  Thermal undies? Me too!  It’s freezing!!

Here are some of my favourites which are on my xmas list:


weekends collected // logs, walks and cosy days…


Littlegreenshed UK Lifestyle & Travel Blog - Weekends Collected

There is a lot of talk of the Scandi word ‘hygge’ at the moment.  I suppose the need to nest and hibernate when the weather is freezing is a natural thing to do.  They (the Danish) may have a special word for it, but they don’t have exclusive rights to being cosy. Nope, we’ve all been doing it for years!  This weekend, I indulged in that act, deeply.

This weekend, we visited the farm to gather our winter supply of logs.  It is one of my favourite things to do at this time of year.  This farm is where we have cut and harvested our Christmas tree in the past, but now he only sells logs.  Dan and I have been coming here since before the boys were born, and have always dreamt that this farm would be ours one day.  It’s just so bloody gorgeous!

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Review // Test driving the Hyundai Tucson…



littlegreenshed UK lifestyle & travel blog - Hyundai Tucson review A few weekends back, we were invited to test drive the Hyundai Tucson.  Yep, we were that family completely over excited at the thought of driving around the City in a brand new car.

Our usual ride is a 15 year old Ford Mondeo Estate, which has had more work on it over the years than it’s current worth. I am sure most of us have an old reliable car, filled with the history of family road tips, made visible in the stains on the back seat and the mountain of crumbs in the foot well.  So if you do, you can possibly understand that when Hyundai said, ‘take the Tucson for the weekend’ – we flipped.

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SISTERHOOD – Winter supper…


SISTERHOOD CAMP – WINTER SUPPER 2015 from xanthe berkeley on Vimeo.

I’m still drifting around in a loved up whirlwind.  SISTERHOOD winter supper was all I could wish for.  Beautiful women, creative, talented, strong and clever – all coming together to connect, create and feast under twinkling lights and greenery.

I shall write more about the event over the weekend – my head is still in the clouds.  But I do want to share the film of the evening, made by the ever wonderful Xanthe Berkeleywho weaved her magic and made this beautiful memory for us.

Thank you SISTER!

If you would like to join us for our next supper, please head over to the Eventbrite page for more details.  £40 will secure your space at our table.  Location to be announced, but it will be in London.

Eventbrite - SISTERHOOD Supper - Spring

Have a lovely weekend all – oh and thank you for all your comments on my last post! You all rock! Love you!


Thoughts on // Mumboss & SISTER…


Littlegreenshed UK Travel and Lifestyle I love my job, sorry I don’t mean to sound smug.  But I do.  It has taken me years of hard work to get me to this point of being able to provide for my family.  Working night and day to ensure this blog is tip top and full of interesting content has always been my aim.

The perks of this job are many.  I can work at home (I could say this was a disadvantage, but on cold winter days I don’t have to leave the house!). My work can fit round my family. I get paid doing something I love – this is a biggie.  After years of working in part-time mind numbing jobs (no disrespect meant) I can finally fulfil all my creative notions.  Photography, writing, design, styling and social connecting.

Of course there is another perk of being a blogger, and I am going to claim bragging rights for those.  We do have many magical opportunities.  But  life hasn’t always been so golden.  In the early days, Dan and I really struggled with money.  I know a lot of us do.  Dan’s meagre income, where he used to work he was underpaid and overworked. My poor guy was at his wits end trying to provide for his new family.

A few years ago, I made a stand, to help him in his/our financial despair.  I needed to make this blog pay.  So I worked hard, perfecting it, channelling all my energy into this space.  That energy is now finally paying off.  Dan has stepped off the rat run, and is working for himself.  I can now pay for our bills and for little extras like a weekend break somewhere nice.

Our lives have been enriched by blogging, in every way. Not only do we have amazing opportunities, but personally it has changed all of us. For Dan the heavy burden of being the main earner has lifted. He can pursue his dream of becoming a furniture maker, hopefully starting in 2016.

For me, I love the community that blogging has given me.  My SISTERS, the collective power of encouragement and support.  My true, best friends are those who I have met through this little space.  I cherish that. Deeply.

So this is me, reaching out to you.  You can do it.  If you need some help or support just email me, and I can hopefully offer advice, if not I will give you a virtual fist bump.  In a world of the internet and self promotion, I feel that blogging shouldn’t always be about ‘look at me’, it should be about encouraging and inspiring.

So let’s do this! – Mumboss / SISTER!  Are you with me?