Seasonal Rituals // Gift Guide Stocking Fillers…

gift guide stocking sillers

GIFT GUIDE – stocking fillers

It’s been years (ahem maybe 30 years) since I had a stocking, and I’m thinking why should kids have all the fun. Dan are you reading?  So if I was to have a stocking again, it would be something like this.  Full of gorgeous candles, inspiring books, skin care products and hand made jewellery.  A girl could dream right?

I’ve been trawling the web, looking for beautiful items that could be incorporated in a stocking or as a stand alone gift– I’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to worry!

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SISTERHOOD // Book Summer 2017…

Tickets for SISTERHOOD summer are on sale now!  I am feeling super inspired for our summer retreat in June, lots of great workshops, talks and activities have already been arranged…. I can’t wait to share who we have coming you are going to FLIP OUT! But like all good festivals, tickets are going on sale before

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Life Lately // November…

November, gosh you were a stunning month, sunshine most days, with deep crisp frost.  Move over fog and leaves, I have a new love FROST! This month has been spent working hard prepping for SISTERHOOD, so home life has been pretty quiet.  We have started (but not finished) several DIY home improvements.  Dan knocked through

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Simple living // natural decorations…

This year it’s all about simple natural decorations.  You know me and my love of bringing nature in to the home – heck I have an ongoing hashtag project for that!  #natureinthehome has currently 41,000 entries – go see! Winter, to me, is the very best time to bring nature in doors and use it

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Seasonal Rituals // November….

November, the month of sparkle, magic and mystery.  The last of the autumn leaves cling to the trees, like natures fairy lights in the grey misty gloom. When I think of the month November, I see images of dark velvety blues and emerald greens, deep magenta and sparkly gold. Many years ago I travelled to

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