Recipe // festive boozy mince meat…

mince meat recipe christmas littlegreenshed

After posting this image on Instagram this morning, I was asked by several of you for the recipe.  It’s really really simple, and makes about five jars, which is ample if your family has a slight mince pie addiction like mine.  If you pot the mixture up in pretty jam jars, they make great edible gifts too.

I have searched for a recipe which doesn’t contain suet, so this is perfect for vegetarians and vegans. Also it is gluten free too!

Here’s my recipe, which has been adapted from

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Seasonal Rituals // Christmas gift wrapping…

christmas gift wrapping littlegreenshed

I love the wrapping of presents, a glass of mulled wine and a Christmas movie – it’s a lovely thing to do.

This year I have decided I wanted a change from my usual Kraft paper wrapping.  It’s everywhere now, and I must admit I am a bit bored of it, having wrapped my gifts in it for the past 4 years it’s time for a change.  So I’ve been searching for alternatives, wanting something that has a rich warmth to it, but doesn’t break the bank – after all it’s only wrapping paper and it will be burnt on the fire once the gift is opened.

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Seasonal Rituals // Gift Guide Stocking Fillers…

gift guide stocking sillers

GIFT GUIDE – stocking fillers

It’s been years (ahem maybe 30 years) since I had a stocking, and I’m thinking why should kids have all the fun. Dan are you reading?  So if I was to have a stocking again, it would be something like this.  Full of gorgeous candles, inspiring books, skin care products and hand made jewellery.  A girl could dream right?

I’ve been trawling the web, looking for beautiful items that could be incorporated in a stocking or as a stand alone gift– I’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to worry!

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Seasonal Rituals // Christmas Gift Guide for Him…

christmas gift guide for him


There are only 2 weeks til Christmas!  I know!  I haven’t bought a thing yet, so if you are like me and a bit behind in your present buying I’ve made a little guide for your mister – or any man in your life.,

I’ve been trawling the web, looking for beautiful items to be included in your present buying this year – I’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to worry!  I always find buying for my Dad so difficult, so if you need some inspiration, read on…

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