Bookish // Books I’ve read and loved…

book reading latelyOver the past few years, evenings have been spent either reading to the kids or encouraging them to read to us.  The latter proving harder than we thought.  Charlie is dyslexic and I’ve written on here before about how hard it is for him to sit and read a novel to himself.  He’d much prefer to find out facts on the computer or flick through a Lego construction book.

No matter how hard I try to encourage him to read, sit with him, buy him exciting books – nope, it’s not happening.  But why should he read, when I wasn’t actually doing it myself.  I must admit, I spend far too much time scrolling on my phone or watching the TV.  I should be setting an example to my boys, and read, and read when they can see me reading – for pleasure, for myself.  Hopefully it will change their attitude to books, and the bug will rub off onto them.

So, with a new years resolution to read more – I’ve made an attempt at doing so….

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Instagram // Four favourite feeds, February…

four favourite instagram feeds

This month I have been stalking loving these accounts.  All for a variety of reasons.  From the elegant streets of Paris, to the Swedish islands, to cool laid back California, to peachy blooms in the UK.  I find I am yearning to connect with women across the world, who live parallel lives to my own, or at least I would easily step into their shoes for the day and live as they would.

Take a look at these four favourite instagram feeds for February…

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Simple Living // Nespresso launch their aged coffee capsules…

Lou Archell littlegreenshed 2017-2-01

A few weeks ago I was invited to travel to Lyon, France with Nespresso to experience their latest Atelier and the gastronomic festival Bocuse d’Or, of which they were the official partner.  The Bocuse d’Or the world renowned event brings together chefs from the world over, takes place every two years in Lyon.

To celebrate this gastronomic festival, Nespresso invited the worlds press and media to the Nespresso Atelier for a series of workshops, tastings and a gastronomic feast.

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Simple Living // A country home in the Lakes…


When I first saw pictures of this home on Jeska’s instagram feed I was actually on my first visit to the Lake District.  The beauty of the Lakes, married with the stunning images of this home had me all in love.

The stunning lakeside home was completely redecorated (and in most places rebuilt) by Field Day Interior Design Studio, with interior decor that takes inspiration from the breathtaking surroundings.

The mix of vintage finds, clever decorating styles and unique colour pallet makes this home truly special.  Combined with Field Day’s interior talent, Jeska’s styling and Dean’s photography skills had me fall in love with every single room.

Let me show you more….

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Simple Living // The kitchen essentials 02

141017-SLM-Home-Kitchen-006-web-1600-pxFollowing on from my post last week regarding streamlining the kitchen, this week I am going to talk about kitchen essentials.  Even though our kitchen is looking more like a bomb site than a beautiful calm and organised space, I feel that writing about organising it, is in some way helping with my anxiety!  So here goes.

A few years ago I took a stand and got rid of those ugly mugs and plates that I had picked up from charity shops when Dan and I set up our home.  Deciding there and then to buy only things that were simple in style and practical in nature.  Preferring to use a classic style that will last and never date.  Gone are the beer glasses bought home on a drunken night out, and those brightly coloured mugs given as christmas present.  Begone ugly things!

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Simple Living // Kitchen make-over and inspiration…

kitchen inspiration make over

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen little sneaky peeks on Instagram stories of our kitchen remodel.  Our kitchen was knocked through from the dining room, into the kitchen and downstairs bathroom nearly 10 years ago, just before Rufus was born.

At the time, the budget was very limited.  We chose the cheapest floor tiles, and a standard white Ikea kitchen with oak butchers block work tops.

10 years later our kitchen is looking very tired, hence the reason of me showing only the pretty shelf! So, we are updating it.  Still with a limited budget, but making it uniquely ours.  Changing the cupboard doors, updating the floor tiles and adding in decorative vintage touches.  I can’t wait to share all – but at the moment, the kitchen is a huge mess!  So instead here are a few images that are inspiring me right now.

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Life Lately // January…

januray life lately radnor forestJanuary, the month we dread the most, a bit of come down from the highs of the festive season. But this month I have tried to embrace it’s dark grey days, finding time to take it slow and enjoy some nesting, changing things up at home and of course a bit of planning for the coming year.

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Simple Living // Streamlining the kitchen 01…

littlegreenshed organise your pantry

Call it lazy or the aftermath of Christmas, but my kitchen has fast become a dumping ground of ‘stuff’.  Our teeny tiny kitchen has very little cupboards or workspace.  A narrow ‘galley’ style kitchen which is open plan to the dining room, and can be seen as soon as you walk in through the front door.

Yes even the postman can see the clutter!  Crikey – something needs to be done.  With this in mind I thought about how I use my kitchen, and what I would like to store and importantly how it should be stored.

I use my kitchen everyday, cooking all our meals from scratch, so the most important storage to me is the pantry.  A place where all the ‘staples’ of cooking are stored. Spices, tins of chickpeas and coconut milk, jars of dried lentils and quinoa.  I tend to hoard ingredients, all kinds of lentils, wild rice, brown rice, bread flour, three types of quinoa… and more.

I know it’s not the sexiest job in the world, but think of it as a investment to a more streamlined kitchen and a way of cooking better.  Here are some tips:

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